Academic News

ZJUI Professors Xiao and Demartino received multi-million yuan funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology under National Key Research and Development Plan

Recently, a research team organized by ZJUI Distinguished Professor Yan Xiao has been approved for a funding of 7.73 million Yuan from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project is a part of the “Research on Ecological Structure System for Prefabricated Residential Buildings in Villages and Towns” multi-university grand challenge project.

Dr. Zhi Hong's lab published an article on Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

Prof. Zhi Hong’s lab from the Joint College of Edinburgh University and Zhejiang University together with Cong Yi’s lab from the Basic Medical College of Zhejiang University published a research article on Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology,titled "Mitochondrial Fusion Machinery Specifically Involved in Energy Deprivation-Induced Autophagy".

Success for International Campus Funding Applications to the National Natural Science Foundation in 2019

7 general projects, 4 projects for young scholars, and 1 project for international young scientists

Prof. Hongwei Ouyang's Lab Published papers in NC and AJSM

​Professor Hongwei Ouyang lead his lab in publishing two papers in High Level International Academic Journals: Nature Communications and The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Undergraduate Education

International Campus Zhejiang University adheres to the philosophy of "autonomy, one-to-many, and high level", and is committed to cooperating with world-renowned universities ranked high in international overall rankings or in a single discipline, and with first-rate disciplines, and has established a number of Sino-foreign cooperative institutions, cross-disciplinary research centers and transformation institution for the fruits of scientific research.
Currently, there are ZJU-UoE Institute, ZJU-UIUC Institute, International Business School(ZIBS). We have 7 majors.

Graduate Education

International Campus of Zhejiang University focuses on the efficient linkage of international cooperation in scientific research and international joint training of postgraduates. A multi-level and diversified education layout has been formed for academic and professional degrees, master's and doctoral degrees, domestic and overseas students, serving Double First-Class Initiative and regional high-quality development.
The campus enrolls 34 postgraduate programs, involving 22 first-level disciplines. Currently, there are 5 national, provincial and ministerial-level international cooperative research platforms in the campus. As of September 30, 2020, the campus has a total of 580 postgraduates including 185 overseas students.

General Education and Language Center

General Education Compulsory courses is a significant component of the development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor educational system. It includes sections on political thoughts, physical education, military training and language learning, totaling around 30 credits. The political thoughts education section, mostly in accord with that of the Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, has additional sessions on the spirit of the Red Boat event, a very important political event that happened in Jiaxing, where the campus is located. General Education Selective courses, totaling 18 credits, follows the blueprint of the General Education program of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the United States, one of our partner universities, and are mostly taught in English language. It includes sections in Humanities & the Arts, and Social & Behavioral Sciences, among which one 3-credit non-Western culture course and one 3-credit US minority culture course are required. We explore the possibility of designing courses on Chinese culture, history and society that can be taught in Chinese language. The Language Center consists of the English Language Center and the Chinese Language Center and offers a range of language instruction courses and services to meet the needs of all students of the Campus.