[Seminar] Enterprise innovation and responsibility by Mr. PAN Jianqing the chairman of TDG group



Topic: Enterprise innovation and responsibility


Independent innovation and fulfilling social responsibilities are the most important and complementary practical activities in the enterprise, and are the inevitable requirements of economic globalization for enterprises. Today, Mr. Pan will share his exclusive experience about how to carry out innovation and take social responsibility in his 30 years business practice.. In addition, Mr. Pan will also share his views on how technology-based companies to carry out innovation and take social responsibilities when China is experiencing profound shifts unseen in a century.

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Jianqing Pan, chairman of TDG group, is awarded as the 2019 top 10 Fengyun Zhejiang Merchants. Under his leadership, TDG focused on innovation and coordinated development and has developed from a single magnetic firm to a holding group of Electronic Materials, Intelligent Equipment and Electronic Components over the past 30 years. He is not only a good judge of talents, but also a mentor. He invested and helped many oversea PhD holders to start their career and establish their own enterprises, He also cultivated many listed companies and “Hidden Champions” in the industry.