ZJU-UOE International Research Centre For Engineering Biology is jointly built by the College of Life Sciences and International Campus, Zhejiang University. Through the introduction of synthetic biological intelligence resources such as the University of Edinburgh and Australia, the Center carries out work in three areas: scientific research and innovation, transformation of achievements and talents training by setting up all kinds of scientific research platforms, including Platform of Plant Bioreactor, Platform for Identification of Novel Genes and Biochemical Pathways in Plants and Microorganisms, Platform of Design and Synthesis of Gene Circuits, and Platform of Biosensor. At the same time, the Center is cooperating closely with Haining Juanhu Lake International Science Park for the transfer of scientific research achievements in Haining, Jiaxing.

The first batch of 12 laboratories are stationed in the center, including 1 academician of the Australian Academy of Sciences, 4 overseas high-level talents, 3 program leaders of the excellent Youth Foundation of NSFC, and 1 Qiushi Distinguished Professor of ZJU.