Forum on Frontiers of Advanced Photonics held on International Campus


On March 26, Forum on Frontiers of Advanced Photonics was successfully held on International Campus, Zhejiang University. Prof. Jong Seung Kim, a member of Korean Academy of Sciences & Technology, was invited to give a wonderful online lecture and shared his academic ideas.

Prof. Kim gave a detailed introduction to the design of a small molecule-based drug delivery system and its application in biological diagnosis and therapy. His team designed many molecules with targeted functional groups, fluorescent groups and drug structures. The targeted functional groups enable the molecules to accurately act on the target cells, which will then be visualized by fluorescent groups and killed by drug structures. These studies have been successful in mice in vivo.

Nearly 100 teachers and students from the College of Optical Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University and the affiliated hospitals of Zhejiang University listened to the lecture. The teachers and students had active discussions with Prof. Kim and gained a deeper understanding of this research field.